March 28, 2007

Kayeleen nears her due-date.  About 2 weeks ago we started noticing contractions pretty much every day.  And it would go something like this:  At about 7 or 8 at night she would start having contractions every 10 minutes.  Then when it got to about 10 pm, they would stop.  Then last week it was the same except every 5 minutes.   It has become rather frustrating.

It has been suggested that the baby is waiting to come out till we know his name.  To which I say “Piffle!”

I’ve also passed my exam and am now licensed in the state of Utah to sell and advise people in the ways of Life, Health, and other kinds of insurance.   I hope to be of some use to my friends and family.  I’m now working on getting licensed for investments of certain kinds.   So if you ever need some financial suggestions, I would be happy to help out.

Anyway…  Life feels like it’s on the verge of becoming a whole new thing.  A paradigm shift or something.  New job, new baby, end of school year, and probably a new apartment pretty soon.  It’s going to be interesting to see how it effects my psychology.



A few journal entries.

March 10, 2007

My journal entry for two nights ago reads as follows:

“Celebrated 1 year.
Worried about money.”

Last night did not have an entry.  I don’t know why.  In fact, when I asked my brain ‘what did we do yesterday?’ I received the following response:  “huh?”

Kayeleen tells me that I attended school, she worked, and the two of us attended a concert by many choral groups and the orchestra of southern utah.  I hope it was good.  She says it was. I was apparently there.

I do remember.  It was a great concert, actually.  All the songs were from various operas and performed very well.

Today I helped Garrett and Ruth Nilsson move a piano from one apartment to another.  It was great for me because I had been hoping for opportunities to serve.  Then Mom, Dad, Jodie, and Dave came into town and attended a baby shower for Kayeleen / went shopping.  I think that between my two parents they spent nearly 800 dollars today.  I don’t remember ever spending that much in one day…  But I think I may have…  Julia showed up later in the afternoon and we all went to dinner while Blaine was kind enough to cover for me by chauffeuring the missionaries in my place.
There are 3 more books on my kitchen table which I hope to read over spring break (this week.)  The only other projects I have for this week are to clean the apartment and pass a insurance licensing exam.

I’ve been back from Taiwan for 1 year as of the 7th.  Kayeleen and I also celebrated our 8 month anniversary on that date.  It feels like I haven’t been back from taiwan for that long, but that I’ve been married to Kayeleen for much longer.  Interesting how subjective our perceptions of time are.

Kayeleen’s baby shower went well, and now we have lots of blankets and diapers.  She spent the afternoon and evening having her belly assaulted by relatives who all hoped to feel the baby kick,  (I think that they all got to experience it at least once) and having my family sit and watch her belly move.  We ooh’d and aah’d as if it were a fireworks display.

Nice and exhausting day today.

February in summation

March 7, 2007

With both vehicles fixed, we now enjoy the luxury of two vehicles – a new and exciting level of prosperity for our marriage.

Kayeleen has officially reached the 8 month mark in pregnancy.  We ought to start thinking about names at least.  She’s also started working only half-time at Steve Corry Real Estate.  This means that we need to start getting some other source of income pretty quick.

So, moneywise, the pressure is on me to start working at Northwestern, or go back to applebees.  I’m going to try to pass the test and be licensed for insurance either this weekend or next week during spring break.

Northwestern is turning out to be a pretty good feeling.  I’m excited to do something that I really believe can help people.  And I appreciate the non-pushy attitude that they endorse there.

Kayeleen and I spend most of our time together lying on the couch.  I get the feeling that I ought to find a way to be productive, but between her working and my studies we both end up pretty burned out at the end of the day.  The semester has been pretty demanding for me so far.

Finally sold the two projectors I purchased at the SUU surplus sale.  Made about 100 dollar profit, which is nice and will probably go towards paying for new shirts and ties so I can look nice if this internship works out.

Time to go to my Nutrition class.

Go let it out,