Night in the apartment

June 11, 2006

Midnight after saturday.   I should be trying to sleep, but the night-time is comforting and arouses a contemplative mood.  I sit with the windows open to the cool.  I'm on the floor in the middle of a mostly empty room, with reflected lamplight coming out of my room like the moon was lying in my bed.  Maybe my Korean roommate is asleep for once.  Maybe he's got a secret identity he doesn't want revealed.  Maybe he's Korean Bat Man.

Pretty good night.

Remind me to write about myself.



A welcome

April 24, 2006

I'm trying to think of something resolute and stirring to start out my site with…

Can't think of a darn thing.

So here's an old journal entry.

My Terrible Secret! Sunday, April 27, 2003

Oh yes! It deserves the exclaimation mark! As do subsequent sentences. ! You see, I have a terrible secret! One I've revealed to no one before this very day. A wonderful secret – it causes wonder! A marvelous secret – it is a marvel! A terrible secret – it is terrifying! Yes, my friend, I have super-powers.

I suspect this might mean I'm mutant, ala X-Men. But I kinda doubt it as bald men in wheelchairs have yet to approach me about saving the world. There might be some sort of cover-up I'm not aware of, though, so I'm leaving my options open.

Yes, super powers.

I have the ability to annoy from great distances. Without any apparent effort on my part. Amazing!

I have the wit of ten witty men! Stunning!

I can pilot my car in a widdershins direction on my way to and from work! Mind Boggling!

I have tiny pupils! Egad! (this may be caused by some sort of tumor, and not actually a super-power. Hence Egad rather than Wowsa.)

I can spin a bar towel on my index finger! Zounds!

Through sheer force of will I can make the extremeties of my body move! Borf!

I can run like a very fast thing, but rarely do so! Yipes!

Please, my friend, my confidant, share this knowlege with no one. I shall rely on you for aid in desparate times. You shall know my agents by this call sign: "The geese are in the meadow." and you shall respond: "But the farmer is green with typhoid and a slight case of SARS which will probably clear up in a week or two, good chum."