MeHey thar,

My name is Greg Hamblin. This is my personal journal / weblog / thoughts page. I have another page where I write more frequently on less personal subjects. It’s a wanna-be online community, usually at but sometimes it goes missing. Feel free to check it out, join, and write with the community.

I am a student at Southern Utah University. I am recently married, and also recently returned from a mission for the LDS Church in Taipei, Taiwan. Since these are pretty major life events, most of my writing will focus around things spiritual, love, and education. I hope that you will find what I write enlightening and entertaining.

I can be reached by leaving a comment on this site, or by emailing my quid_ita account at hotmail.

I also have pages of photos available online. There are mission photos, engagement / wedding photos, and then just photos that I take that I like.



6 Responses to “About Greg”

  1. Veronica Says:

    Hi Greg,
    I am a Polish student and I am writing my diploma work I have read your article concerning Hitler’s speeches I would like to ask you some questions that is why I would like you ask you to give me your e-mail adress
    with regrads Veronica

  2. Veronica Says:

    I would be grateful if you could send me your e-mail adress to my mail box :)

  3. Greg Says:

    Veronica, I’d love to. You left no way for me to contact you.

  4. Veronica Says:

    Hi, Greg it’s Veronica again, this is my e-mail address: (sorry to bother you )

  5. Veronica Says:

    hi Greg, perhaps you have not read my post yet, so let me describe my problem. I am writing my Diploma work; my topic is “Words and worl, how is reality camouflaged by words”; I decided to write abouth the language of politicians, I have no idea how to deal with it; in my practical part I would like to analyse the Hitler’s speeches, I read your analysis and I would like to ask you for help; please contact with me asap Veronica

  6. Ida Larsen Says:

    Hi Greg

    I am writing a paper for an exam at the University of Aarhus, Denmark. I found your paper about the Hitler speeches and want to ask you if I may use it in my paper to set my own analysis into perspective?

    By the way excellent analysis!

    I myself am also using the Ethos, Pathos and Logos model along with the Roman Jakobsen model of Communication to analyse Hitler´s speeches :-)

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