Thus in weekend

September 30, 2006

It’s now officially 11 pm, and I’m feeling wired.   I don’t know why.  We went to a mission reunion yesterday, then drove back home today during the second session of General Conference.  (We listened on the AM)  Usually driving drains me, especially when it’s back to back like that and I sleep in a strange bed.  But somehow I’m feeling kinda pumped up.

I went and bought milk and 1o dollars worth of candy.  I’m thinking I have some issues with excess.

Budget budget budget.

Last night we got finished at the mission reunion and brought a DVD player to Kayeleen’s grandparent’s home.  Kayeleen went upstairs with her sister and had bonding while I got to wait downstairs with the grandparents.  I think it’s interesting to see all the little manerisms that are similar between Kayeleen’s mom and grandparents.  And it was nice to get to know them better.  I was a little put-off, however when it went from a nice chat about mission reunions to a give – advice – to – me session.  But I know that they meant well.  It’s just nicer to converse rather than be told what is and isn’t and what should and what shouldn’t.

I mention it not as a criticism, but as a notice to myself.  When I get older and want to give good natured advice to other people I need to remember to always want to be a learner rather than a teacher.  I think that kind of attitude will serve me better than any desire to help by teaching.

We got to see Julia today.  She’s doing good.  She’s stressed because she’s already got a gallery showing scheduled for february…. but no art to put in the gallery.  She figures if she can do one piece a week she’ll be okay, but it’s been 2 weeks and she’s only just started one.

uh.. cute.

Conference was great.  I didn’t really get a lot from the words that were said, but the spirit that these speakers bring is a great help.  Then, when I have questions (which I do a lot of the time) the Spirit is what answers my prayers, rather than the words of a speaker.

I saw a macintosh laptop at the surplus sale and I may have been a bit hasty.  I bought it for 25 dollars.  The only reasons are that I’ve been wanting to try out a mac, and I’ve been wanting to have a laptop.  I was hoping I could re-sell it if I didn’t like it, but I would be lucky to get back my 25 bucks for this thing.  (it’s too old and it didn’t have a power cable.)  But, hey, maybe I’ll find I love how it….. word… processes…

Who am I kidding.   I’m just going to toss it into a closet.

I wonder if Julia can do anything as an art project with my 3 outdated laptops.  I’ll have to ask her.

Something modern and meaningful.

All my love and respect,



September 24, 2006

One thing I didn’t mention in my last post was that I also experience some amount of stress as I deal with choices that have to be made and things I may have to face in the future.  Most of this is finance related.  I stress about finance pretty much more than anything.  It’s too bad.

I’m trying to decide how much I want to try to hang on to my applebees job.  It’s a hard decision to make.  I would like to get rid of it all together, but it’s difficult to find one as well-paying.  Especially in this town.   When Kayeleen is working I don’t need to work much – and what I do earn can go into our emergency fund or our savings for a new car or saving for uknown needs.    But, obviously, she’s not going to be able to work forever.  In fact, I would give her a bit less than 6 months at the best – and that’s barring any health problems.   (It could be that pregnancy takes her out like crazy near the end.)   So, if she can’t work I need to have a good job available.  But if it’s applebees, that means a bad environment and working sundays and holidays.

I had assumed that I would end up working at applebees next summer anyway, since summer tips are great, but now I’m starting to wonder if they’ll even let me come back if I don’t “play by their rules.”  (by which I mean working the schedule the want me to rather than just pick up shifts here and there and also working sundays)

I find myself browsing the help wanted section.  It’s not like I even have time for a job right now, with school and everything…  But I worry.  I feel like I need to get ready for some unknown future.

anyway, that’s the stress side of the current situation.


Life in general

September 21, 2006

I think I’ve got this school/work/marriage/sleep thing pretty much worked out. All I had to do was remove “eating” from my daily habits and I find myself with loads of time.

Some of which is punctuated by blackouts and fatigue.

Seriously, though. I get up at 7 most mornings and sometimes exercise. Sometimes I go back to sleep for a while. 9 is when my classes start. When I’m not in classes I work as a Lab Assistant (where I just got a raise to 6 dollars an hour! Woah! *sarcasm*) and I’m not allowed to be done with my on-campus hijinks until 5 pm. After that I can either go home and be tired or go to Applebees and work for somebody – usually earning more in that one night than I do in a week of being a Lab Assistant.

That’s about it at this point. I am also personally working on reading my scriptures for 1/2 hour each day (though I find I rarely reach this goal) and keep track of my personal and family finances.

Classes seem very slow-paced after the intensity of summer classes. I keep thinking “What? This is it?” But it’s nice to feel smart.

Marriage is good so far. It is hard to remember how it was to be single – but what I do remember I find inferior to married life. I pray every day to love her more. So far it seems to be working. It’s nice to have feelings that I can describe as “genuinely good” most of the time.

Fall is coming and I love it. The transition of seasons is the best time of the year.


Demolition Derby

September 15, 2006

DerbyWe had a chance to go to Kanab for the weekend.  They had a demolition derby on saturday night.  Kayeleen and Blaine had never seen one.  For me it was like fond memories of childhood when every fourth of July they would have one. 

This one was a type of ‘circuit’ where the drivers and cars had already done several derbys at other locations and the drivers were from all over the state. 

It got off to a slow start,  but the second round was great.  We were on our feet cheering and yelling.  Our favorite car was a big old muscle car that had been crushed to the size of a compact but was still running.  Other favorites were the car with such badly bent axels that it could only go left and the car with the driver from cedar city.

Even though it wasn’t a long trip, it was still a fun trip.  I hope.


Selling the Mic.

September 8, 2006

Just posted the microphone on ebay.

I had it start at 500 dollars.  I sure hope it sells…. eep.


Career Stresses

September 5, 2006

Today I looked over the possibility of being a consultant as a career choice.  I had been feeling good about it as an option during the past couple of weeks.  Now I’m not so sure.  My main concern is that the job description according to most includes over 60 hour work weeks, mainly during the evenings at the office.

It’s another one of those things that I find myself saying “If there were nobody and nothing else in my life it would be okay.”  But the fact is that there are people and things more important to me than this job and the lots and lots of money that would come with it.

I’ll keep looking, but in the mean time I’m a bit stressed.  And I wonder where I’ll end up.


Friday in review

September 1, 2006

A report of the day in order:

This morning Kayeleen was sick.  She was just a little too sick to get ready very easily for work, but we thought she would be okay.  About 30 seconds after the garage door closed and I was driving off she was hurling her guts out.   But more figuratively… since no guts left the body.

Well, she did recover from some nasty morning sickness and did go to work for a while in the afternoon.  I’m glad they’re so patient with her.  It’s not many an employer who would be so kind.

I began my day by helping a blind guy find the administration building.  Really, I should have walked him to it, but I hadn’t thought of that till I had already sent him on his way. After that was about two hours in the computer lab.  I spent about 45 minutes playing some stupid on-line game.  Now I wish I hadn’t because every time I close my eyes I see the patterns of the game pieces.   It’s frustrating. Read the rest of this entry »