The main problem, I think, is my impatience.

I’d much rather sit down and have a novel appear on the screen in front of me without much time put in on my part.

Here’s what happens:  I sit down, I think for about 20 minutes.  Dissatisfied with taking so much time and not doing anything, I begin to type.  I write a paragraph.  I write a couple more sentences which are then deleted because they lead too quickly to the ‘next thing’ instead of making my writing richer in content.

And I don’t go on with it.  I give up and start another project or idea rather than finish something that I consider to be less than good.

I’ve been trying to produce something and I find myself vastly unhappy with the result.  It makes me sad because I feel pretty good about my writing in its non-fiction forms.

Now I’m going to go check up on my cohort to see if he’s managed to produce anything yet.