I think it was the moment when Johnathan stood next to me with his little plastic cup that I thought: “I had better update my website. I should let people know what’s going on. The general public has a need to know that Johnathan just used his plastic cup to drink toilet water.”

Then there was some yelling and grabbing and washing of the hands and face.

I plan on updating any and all who care on the subject of my kids and family life, but for the time being I want to explain what’s going on with work.

Back in June we were on a family vacation and my belt broke.  I was a little dismayed.  I remember the moment, looking down at the floor, and thinking “I can’t afford a new belt.”

It was actually a big shock to me.

I had been working quite a bit over the past year or so since graduation.  At first, business went very well, but as the recession deepened I found that my meetings were less and less productive.  Income went from “getting by” to drying up entirely for about 4 months.  I remember it was that moment that I knew it was time to look for work.

I am very very sad to be leaving such an amazing company as Northwestern Mutual.  They’ve treated me extremely well over the last couple years.  The bottom line, however, is that I need to have an income stream rather than the dangerous hit-and-miss of commission only work.

I’ve signed on to work with American National Insurance.  This means I’ll be offering the same types of products and services, but with the addition of Home, Auto, Farm, and Business insurance.  American National is a very strong company, which is good; and they pay their claims promptly and without fighting their policyowners, which is the most important thing to me.

Anyway,  It should be good for my family and good for the people who I can work with and serve.