February in summation

March 7, 2007

With both vehicles fixed, we now enjoy the luxury of two vehicles – a new and exciting level of prosperity for our marriage.

Kayeleen has officially reached the 8 month mark in pregnancy.  We ought to start thinking about names at least.  She’s also started working only half-time at Steve Corry Real Estate.  This means that we need to start getting some other source of income pretty quick.

So, moneywise, the pressure is on me to start working at Northwestern, or go back to applebees.  I’m going to try to pass the test and be licensed for insurance either this weekend or next week during spring break.

Northwestern is turning out to be a pretty good feeling.  I’m excited to do something that I really believe can help people.  And I appreciate the non-pushy attitude that they endorse there.

Kayeleen and I spend most of our time together lying on the couch.  I get the feeling that I ought to find a way to be productive, but between her working and my studies we both end up pretty burned out at the end of the day.  The semester has been pretty demanding for me so far.

Finally sold the two projectors I purchased at the SUU surplus sale.  Made about 100 dollar profit, which is nice and will probably go towards paying for new shirts and ties so I can look nice if this internship works out.

Time to go to my Nutrition class.

Go let it out,


One Response to “February in summation”

  1. Hey Greg,
    I Just stumbled upon your blog, and I noticed that you were selling a couple of projectors.
    So I have two questions.
    Do you still have one,
    and if not did you sell the others locally?
    If you could let me know that would be awesome,

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