Our Induction into the Hall of Family

April 10, 2007

We went to our doctor’s appointment today.  She’s still dilated to only 1 centimeter.  So it was looking like we were going to be waiting till thursday – when they have her scheduled to be induced.  On the way out of the doctor’s office, he said, “Hey, want to do it tonight?”

Kayeleen said “Yes,” without hesitation.

My mind went blank as neurons were in competition for superiority – school – work – school – teaching – work – shutdown…

I must have had a funny look on my face because the doctor looked at me and said “Maybe we should wait?”  I said no, it was fine.

So this evening at 1 A.M. we’ll be going to the hospital to begin the birthing process – whatever that is…

It’s really weird to think that by this time tomorrow I may be a father officially.  Exciting, intimidating, a little stressful, and the like.  It still seems impossible.  I’m sure I’ll get used to the idea pretty soon, though.

I think it’s interesting that it feels like such a huge and important moment in my life, but to everybody who knows me it’s just some happy news – almost as if babies are born every day or something.

But my baby isn’t born every day.  Just tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Our Induction into the Hall of Family”

  1. ornerycat Says:

    Happy baby day!

    from Kellie and Ryan

  2. kella Says:

    Oh, wow. You have one cute baby. I stared and stared at the photo. It’s very striking, to say the least. (You need to post more.) It kind of blew my mind that half of Greg is all bunched up in that tiny body.

    Congratulations! I am deliriously excited for you.

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