General Conference

April 3, 2007

This weekend was the 177th annual conference of the LDS church.  Blaine pointed out that it’s pretty much the only 10 hour religious experience he can stand.  I had never realized that it was actually 10 hours of meetings.

This conference I was not struck by any powerful revelation, though it has happened in the past.  What I did get was a great outpouring of the good feelings that accompany the holy spirit.  It was like being told that “Everything is going to be just fine,” by somebody who knows for sure.  And it was nice to compare the feelings that filled the house while we watched conference with the feelings that had been there recently.  It’s not like there were bad feelings there, just a general coating of pop-culture and worldly attitude.  Conference really washed it away for me.

It was a strong testimony building experience for me.  It reminds me that it’s so easy to get caught up in the arguments about doctrines and debates about policy, when it’s really not important.  What’s important is seeking out the Lord and learning his will and his way. Conference became a lodestone of sorts – reminding me of what’s really important and blowing away the chaff.

Good experience.  One to remember.



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