Thank Goodness the Car Broke Down, Otherwise This Wouldn’t be Funny.

February 6, 2007

Ouch!  The drilling!Yesterday I was giving Blaine a ride to an appointment on the north end of town.  About half way there, just between the cemetery and Brad’s Food Hut, Blaine shouted in pain as scalding hot antifreeze dripped onto his foot.  I was naturally confused, since I didn’t know what could be scalding hot and dripping in my new (only 140000 miles!) truck.  I didn’t have time to wonder about it though, as there was a tremendous FOOMP! from under the hood followed immediately by copious amounts of steam.

I felt it prudent to pull over just past La Fiesta – the mexican restaurant with the neon palm tree.

A quick examination revealed a shredded belt, a hole in the radiator, and a hose gone MIA.  The upshot was that La Fiesta shares it’s parking lot with MCO – a mechanic shop.

Trucks are hard to push, even across flat surfaces.  It took 4 of us with a rest halfway across the parking lot to get the truck into position.

The verdict is just as suspected.  Needs new radiator, belt, tensioner, hose, and thermostat.  All-in-all, it’s about 580 dollars.  I knew there was a reason I hesitated to purchase a new seat cover and steering wheel cover for the truck.  Ha ha!

In the mean time, the Mazda (our trusty car that broke down last week, but much more catastrophically) will be about 2 weeks in repair as the engine is replaced.

Can’t think of much else that’s the news at the moment.

every thing is satisfactual,


2 Responses to “Thank Goodness the Car Broke Down, Otherwise This Wouldn’t be Funny.”

  1. Greg Says:

    Update: Heater core needs to be replaced. Add $175 to the bill.

  2. val Says:

    I’d been thinking recently it would be fun to catch up! We have a trip down to Cedar planned for some time this spring. I’d love to get together. …Or, if you guys drive up north very frequently, we’re not far off the Center Street exit in Provo. Plus, we play a mean game of Settlers, Carcassone, etc.

    I don’t have your e-mail anymore! You can note it to me, or mine is mic/


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