A little tithing miracle

January 29, 2007

It’s not like we were destitute or anything.  Just car repairs that left us without transportation and cut our savings by 1/4 so far. 

We paid tithing yesterday at church.  I never miss it.  I feel strongly (meaning I feel that I’ve been told in a indescribable way) that the tithing we’ve paid in the past has contributed greatly to the current state of awesome we live in now. 

Today I had my third interview with the boss at Northwestern Mutual.  He offered me the internship.  Before he offered the internship he offered me his car to use for a couple of weeks while mine’s getting fixed. 

So now I’m driving around in the boss’s nice old luxury sedan.  I guess I kinda have to take the job now, despite my doubts.  (insert internet smily face to indicate joking tone)



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