The montly update, sir.

January 25, 2007

I haven’t written in here for a while, so I thought I had better update. 

Classes are going okay.  I’m staying on top of the homework for the most part.  Statistics isn’t nearly as difficult as I feared it would be.  Sometimes I even enjoy it.

My teeth are slowly decaying.  I have a great need to visit a dentist, but I haven’t got any insurance.  The expense of dental care astounds me.  Maybe I could take a trip to Taiwan and get the super inexpensive dental care there.

Sunday night we were on our way back from kanab.  Somewhere along the black ridge the battery light came on.  I assumed it was the alternator that had gone out and decided we had better try to see if we could make it home.  We ended up losing power and coasting off at the kolob canyon exit (number 40).  The car wouldn’t start.  My friendly neighborhood mechanics tell me it’s probably a busted head gasket.  The car may be repairable, but maybe not.  It’s now Thursday and there’s still no word back.  Blaine has been the chauffeur for the family since then, driving us around town at all hours of the day.

Tonight I will make some delicious dinner for Kayeleen and Blaine to celebrate their birthdays.  (His last friday, hers tomorrow.) 

We continue with pre-natal classes every Wednesday night.  It’s both fun and nerve-wracking.  Pregnancy is a fun idea.  Babies are fun in the abstract – but the actual delivery and subsequent lifetime of care required tends to be sobering on occasion.

I’m applying for an internship with Northwestern Mutual Financial Group.  I have one more interview (the third) to go to next week.  Then we’ll see.  I see it as a great opportunity, and pretty intimidating.

My “methods of teaching seminary” class is very fun and exciting.  I still would like to be a seminary teacher, given the opportunity.  Statistically, however, it’s not likely.  But I keep praying.

Personal scripture study has been less than acceptable recently.  I think I’ll take some time today and try to do a serious study session.  We’ll see how it goes. 

Thus is life as of late.  I worry I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, but I’m not afraid.


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