Life in general

September 21, 2006

I think I’ve got this school/work/marriage/sleep thing pretty much worked out. All I had to do was remove “eating” from my daily habits and I find myself with loads of time.

Some of which is punctuated by blackouts and fatigue.

Seriously, though. I get up at 7 most mornings and sometimes exercise. Sometimes I go back to sleep for a while. 9 is when my classes start. When I’m not in classes I work as a Lab Assistant (where I just got a raise to 6 dollars an hour! Woah! *sarcasm*) and I’m not allowed to be done with my on-campus hijinks until 5 pm. After that I can either go home and be tired or go to Applebees and work for somebody – usually earning more in that one night than I do in a week of being a Lab Assistant.

That’s about it at this point. I am also personally working on reading my scriptures for 1/2 hour each day (though I find I rarely reach this goal) and keep track of my personal and family finances.

Classes seem very slow-paced after the intensity of summer classes. I keep thinking “What? This is it?” But it’s nice to feel smart.

Marriage is good so far. It is hard to remember how it was to be single – but what I do remember I find inferior to married life. I pray every day to love her more. So far it seems to be working. It’s nice to have feelings that I can describe as “genuinely good” most of the time.

Fall is coming and I love it. The transition of seasons is the best time of the year.



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