Demolition Derby

September 15, 2006

DerbyWe had a chance to go to Kanab for the weekend.  They had a demolition derby on saturday night.  Kayeleen and Blaine had never seen one.  For me it was like fond memories of childhood when every fourth of July they would have one. 

This one was a type of ‘circuit’ where the drivers and cars had already done several derbys at other locations and the drivers were from all over the state. 

It got off to a slow start,  but the second round was great.  We were on our feet cheering and yelling.  Our favorite car was a big old muscle car that had been crushed to the size of a compact but was still running.  Other favorites were the car with such badly bent axels that it could only go left and the car with the driver from cedar city.

Even though it wasn’t a long trip, it was still a fun trip.  I hope.



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