Friday in review

September 1, 2006

A report of the day in order:

This morning Kayeleen was sick.  She was just a little too sick to get ready very easily for work, but we thought she would be okay.  About 30 seconds after the garage door closed and I was driving off she was hurling her guts out.   But more figuratively… since no guts left the body.

Well, she did recover from some nasty morning sickness and did go to work for a while in the afternoon.  I’m glad they’re so patient with her.  It’s not many an employer who would be so kind.

I began my day by helping a blind guy find the administration building.  Really, I should have walked him to it, but I hadn’t thought of that till I had already sent him on his way. After that was about two hours in the computer lab.  I spent about 45 minutes playing some stupid on-line game.  Now I wish I hadn’t because every time I close my eyes I see the patterns of the game pieces.   It’s frustrating.

I then read for an hour out of Elder Hafen’s book “Covenant Hearts..”  I really like it.

At 11:00 I didn’t have anything to do so I went to the student living room and had my lunch.  Today I even splurged and bought cream cheese for the blueberry bagel I had brought with me from home.  It was tasty but not filling.

As I sat there eating and not really reading I thought of my friend, Rodney.  I had spent a couple hours with him the night before and thought it would be more fun if he were there.  I also wondered how he was doing with life.  (He had planned on applying for a job this morning.)  No less than 30 seconds after I had wished he was there I saw him walk around the corner.  He spotted me and we had a nice long chat for the next 45 minutes.

I also discovered I was hungry, so I went and bought a sandwich at Hogi Yogi.

So much for staying frugal.

Spending money is like a floodgate for me.   If I spend just a little I’ll go on to spend a lot for the rest of the day.

So I got chips and a candy bar, too.

My first class was pretty boring – but it’s a class about how to do research and it’s meant for sophomores.  My second class was fun, but mostly because I spent my time doing the assignment (make a flier) and then making it funny in the time remaining.  (a cannibalistic restaurant, etc.)

My third class is in the P.E. Building, so I had to walk a bit.  Between my second and 3rd class I saw the monthly surplus sale going on.  I figured I would take a look since they always sell computers and I’m always wishing I was cool enough to build a Beowulf cluster.

They did have lots and lots of gateway computers, monitors, etc.  And, as I mentioned in the previous post, I bought a microphone that later turned out to be worth quite a bit of something.

The third class was only 1/2 an hour, so I went back and paid for my microphone, then picked up a free Thunderbirds T-Shirt to support our school at football games, etc.  I later told Kayeleen that we’re going to have to go and be all supportey and sportsey and stuff.  She said okay.

I spent my last 2 hours of being Lab Assistant by playing games… again…

Next time I’m bringing things to do.  Like type up my mission journal or something.

Then I came home.

Kayeleen said our china came in so I went and picked it up.  On the way I had the cell-phone company “T-Mobile” change my phone number so it would be local to Cedar City.  Now I have a new phone number.  I then had to call people to tell them my new phone number.  So I called dad, mom, Blaine… Blaine was asleep.

He was grumpy that I woke him up, so I picked him up and we took the popsicles and china back to my house.  Then we ran out the door again to get him some Taco Bell and then drop him off at the game store since his car is getting fixed and he’s got no wheels.



Back home, looked up the microphone on-line and got excited.  I keep thinking of the times in the past week when I prayed (really I did and it makes me feel kinda shallow) that Heavenly Father would give me a free laptop computer.  I wonder if it would be wrong of me to put all of my new-found wealth into something pretty unnecessary…  But…

The china also looks great, and it’s nice to have it.  The downside, as I mentioned earlier in a different post, is that it will be discontinued by august of next year.

I made cookies with the remainder of the cookie dough I had mixed up on sunday.  Kayeleen’s parents came by with peaches and letters for Kathryn, which I may be able to deliver when we go up to Salt Lake City tomorrow for an open house at my mission president’s new home.   So kayeleen’s parents got cookies.  Then our landlords got cookies and we paid the rent (600).

Then we watched “Numb3rs” and I talked with Marden (previously Elder Blake) on the phone about visiting him when I go up tomorrow.  He wants me to give him the microphone.  I said, “Fat chance.”

Now Kayeleen is asleep and I can’t escape the buzzing of a full day stuck in my eyes.

I feel grateful for life.   And hope that life will continue to be so good.



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