Continuing on forward goodness etc glad.

August 31, 2006

Life continues onward.

I’m listening, as in days of old ( a couple years ago ) to some loud classical music and it makes me glad.

I’ve been back in school for 4 days now.   I feel like I’m tensed at the starting line of some race and the guy who pulls the trigger is saying “On your mark, get set…. wait…. get…   SET…..   READY!….. On your MAAARK!…….  don’t go yet…”

I’m used to the pace I set for myself during my online history course where it was basically a test every single night for a month.  Now I have no real assignments but reading.   I fear I’m not doing it right somehow and there’s going to be a hurricane of poor test scores in a couple of weeks where I am completely unprepared.

But I might be just fine.

In any case, I feel great about life and everything.  Classes don’t look to be too much of a stress.  I feel like I don’t see my wife as much as I’d like, but I’m still kinda used to honeymoon / summer schedule.

Kayeleen faces stresses at her work.  I am convinced totally that I don’t want to have her be a working mom if at all possible.  The stresses of both work and motherhood would be too much to ask of anybody.  I just hope she’s okay with not seeing me as much as she would like to – which at this point is pretty much all the time.

My classes aren’t exactly what I expected.  I was worried about taking a personal finance class, but now I find it to be extremely enjoyable.  I’m remembering why I enjoyed business so much back when I took my first course in high-school.   It has a lot to do with vision and goals and accomplishment.

We determine our habits.  Our habits determine our destiny.

We also got our first credit card with my name on one and her name on the other.  Plus it’s a “platinum” so that means something… I guess.

Not that we use credit cards, but we have one in case we have to.

Otherwise, Life is good.  Continuing onward.



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