First last day and morning sickness – seems like a lot of news.

August 25, 2006

Today was my (insert big quotes) “Last” day of work at applebees.  I don’t know if my managers understand that concept or not.   I thought I made it clear that I can’t work for a month or more, after which I would like to just pick up a couple shifts now and then.

Monday school starts for me, while Kayeleen will continue on in the ‘real world’ as a secretary or office assistant or something.  Monday is also the beginning of my new job as computer lab assistant.  I’m told this means I’ll be paid to do my homework in a room full of computers for about 3 hours a day.  At this point I hope it’s true.

My books total cost for this semester: 350 dollars American.


I think I have a picture that expresses my mood in response to this wallet rape.


Yup.  There it is.

I’ve also looked very briefly into the possibility of being a consultant as a future career choice.  It looks appealing at first glance – and it was only a glance.  My biggest fear in making choices for our future is that I’ll lose time with my family. But it’s still a distant thing… ish.

Kayeleen is probably about to start her 2nd month of pregnancy just about now.  She’s been sick in the mornings, and had 2 days where she had to stay home from work because of it.   I think it’s funny that I didn’t mention it on this site earlier.   For some reason I had this idea that it was a big secret.

We had decided we didn’t want to wait to have children for quite a few reasons – we’re older than most new parents, her family has a history of problems in this area, we don’t want to be in our 30s and just starting, we want to know if there are any problems right away rather than finding out in a couple of years when we feel ‘ready.’   We feel good about the decision so far, and it’s exciting.

Except for the gagging, coughing, crying part.  But it’s infrequent.

Today I went to the bank and made sure our accounts are getting sorted out – names on the accounts, transfers of money, etc.

Tonight we are about to embark to the house where Kayeleen used to live to watch the movie “Legend” and eat food.

This has been an update of recent things



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