Thoughts on Commandments

August 23, 2006

sunset   I’ve been thinking a bit lately about keeping commandments.  I don’t have any stories to go with this line of thought – just little notices and impressions.   I notice that many people ‘believe’ in keeping the commandments, yet a lot of those people don’t follow them in a strict sense.  This means people will say “Yes I believe in _____, here’s how I interpret it.”  Then they say what ‘keeping the sabbath’ or ‘adultery’ means in their standard.

I mention it because, while I strive to keep the commandments, I worry that too often I do it “my way” instead of seeking to know and understand what is the Lord’s way.

Cause hey, what other way matters?

Anyway this was my thought.  I’ll have to remember to write if I feel like I’m doing better.



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