Work Report

August 10, 2006

Today professor Stein came in with 3 of his students from one of his summer courses.   When I got back the signed receipt of one of them I saw the name ZHANG written on it in chinese.  I said “Zhang.”  She turned out to be from Taiwan and a member of the church.  It was cool.  We talked a lot while the other people at the table looked confused.  She asked what my favorite food in Taiwan was.  I couldn’t think of what it was.

It was nice.   I found myself immediately asking if she was a member, and wanting to ask her if she’s been reading and praying.   I could see she had to concentrate to understand some of my chinese, but mostly she seemed to get it.  She says she’ll come in to the restaurant some time soon now that she knows somebody there can speak chinese.

Anyway, that was my fun and exciting event for work today.



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