Two weeks plus

July 25, 2006

A roseBeen married for just over two weeks.  People keep asking “How do you like it?” 

In the past I always intended to have a really good answer to this question.  Like “Marmelade.”  or perhaps “Sir Jukes, for smite quick ye.  Albergnosh!”

It didn’t work out.  In the recieving line at the reception and open house people asked “How do you like being married so far?” 

“Good.”  “Great.” “Love it.” etc.

I cant help but wonder how normal I am, how normal my relationship with Kaye is, and how it could be that there could be any experience different from my own perception of reality.

This may be an indication of deeper mental or psychological problems.

And when I think about how others are, and when I begin to compare, I remember the promise I made myself a few months before I got married – just around engagement time. 

I will live my own life.  I will not live in a certain way just because that’s how it’s done, but I will accept what is good and reject what is not.

(Yes, it’s one of those nice in theory kind of things, and soon it’s time to compromise, but that’s okay if your ideology says that compromise is good when done for greater things than that which is relinquished.)


Life is good.  I have a strange simultaneous weirdness going on – 1. It feels very natural and comfortable to be married.  2. It feels very strange and confusing at times trying to establish new “us” patterns.  (those are the times when I say “What does everybody else do?” then remember that I’m not going to do it just because it’s what is “done”.)  That’s probably about right.  I hope.

More to come as more comes.



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