Two weeks or so.

July 19, 2006

A brief review of the past two weeks:The new apartment

We moved into the new apartment, officially, got it all organized and filled our closet to the max with things that need to be donated or sold or something.  It’s a little frustrating that both Kayeleen and I have enough stuff for one apartment each. 

Got married in the St. George temple.  Thunder boomed outside during the ceremony.  We figure it’s some sort of stamp of approval.  Now I’m not allowed to say “I” any more, I have to say “we.”  Had a reception the next day in Enoch.  We am now the proud owner of many towels.

And a dance dance revolution pad…  For which I am eternally grateful.

Sunday was spent going to church and putting away things like oil lamps, clocks, decorative plates, and towels. 

DisneylandMonday morning we left for Disneyland.  We spent all of Tuesday in Disneyland, then Wednesday in California adventure, then Thursday mostly in Disneyland.  We saw the parades and the shows.  There was a bluegrass show in the Golden Horseshoe that was pretty hilarious which climaxed in the lead ending up with a violin bow stuck up his left nostril while wearing fake buck-teeth.

They added Captain Jack Sparrow to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which was cool, I suppose, but turned the ride into a story about Captain Jack rather than some hokey little ride through poorly done animatronics.  We also then went and watched Pirates 2 in the theater in downtown Disney.  I liked it a lot, but now we have to watch the first one again because we’re confused about a monkey.  And some other things.Captain Jack

They re-did the space mountain ride.  It’s still the same coaster, but it’s been re-decorated and the music is back in the cars, and the special effects during the ride are a lot better than before.  It was our second favorite ride.

Our favorite ride was the Buzz Lightyear Space Blasters ride.  You get to ride in a slow moving cart like the haunted mansion car, but equipped with blasters for each rider and a point display.  You then slowly ride through sector z and blast the heck out of battery stealing robots and aliens.   I got 599,400 points (nearly space commando level, I’ll have you know) the second time.  Kayeleen got something like 49,000 points.

Because we’re loving and caring, I don’t rub my massive scoring might in her face very much.

Open HouseWe drove back Friday, exhausted, and discovered that the previously non-functioning ice machine in the refridgerator decided to go on some kind of ice making frenzy, filling 1/4 of our freezer with half-moon shaped ice chunks.  (it then made no more ice until yesterday when it did it again.) Then off to Kanab for the open house on Saturday.  It was pretty good, I thought.  My parents have a nice yard, and Jodie had spent many hours doing landscaping and planting things and even making a little fishpond.  We didn’t have many visitors, but it was really nice to be with family and close friends.

Then back to the apartment Sunday night.  We put away most of the stuff we brought back with us.  Monday it was back to real life.  But a slightly different real life.  One where we’re married. 


Life is good. 



One Response to “Two weeks or so.”

  1. thepattons Says:

    hmmm my advice is to have fun.
    because marriage is fun!
    and so is dance dance revolution!

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