Night in the apartment

June 11, 2006

Midnight after saturday.   I should be trying to sleep, but the night-time is comforting and arouses a contemplative mood.  I sit with the windows open to the cool.  I'm on the floor in the middle of a mostly empty room, with reflected lamplight coming out of my room like the moon was lying in my bed.  Maybe my Korean roommate is asleep for once.  Maybe he's got a secret identity he doesn't want revealed.  Maybe he's Korean Bat Man.

Pretty good night.

Remind me to write about myself.



2 Responses to “Night in the apartment”

  1. wjjgibson Says:

    night thinking and writing is a good thing, glad I read your post, it made me smile and write this

    (3 am taking a break from dreaming)

  2. kella bella Says:

    Hey, it sounds like you have piano-tuning equipment already, but just in case, I know a guy selling his.


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