11:20 PM. Not sleepy.

May 22, 2006

I'm taking 3 days off this week to learn how to tune pianos.  Well, I already know, but I'm learning how to use a tuning computer now too.  And practicing.  And taking it easy.  It would be better if Kayeleen was here, but that's pretty much true all the time.  Wow, that's sappy.

It's 11 PM, and everybody is in bed except me.   Even the black cat has found his spot on the top of the bookshelves.  As for me, I've been plagued with the feeling that I'm forgetting something or not doing something important.   I don't know why.  I think that maybe I need to make some daily goals or something. 

 One of the good changes from my mission is that I love to be busy now.  I feel better when I have projects and when I'm doing things and working.  It's one of the best changes for me, I think.  The negative side is that it's hard to have guilt-free relaxation unless I pencil in some time for it.  The up-side is that I feel great when I accomplish all my goals for the day.   I just don't set goals often enough.

The invitations are nearly done.  I tried to be helpful but it turns out I'm not too good at that stuff, so Kayeleen's dad, who is good at that kind of stuff, produced a great looking and cost effective version that will be sent out soon.  Now we just have to find addresses and things like that.  May be a bit of a problem for my friends in taiwan.  Grr.

Tuning the piano was boring and a little difficult.  But if I got fast at it (faster than the 4 hours it took me) I could probably make it cost effective.  If I ever got jobs, that is.  I can hear all kinds of overtones and noises that my dad couldn't hear.  It made it hard for me to focus on the 'in-tune/out-of-tune' noises. 

The hardest part for me when coming home is seeing my library.  Every time I end up pulling multiple books of the shelves and re-reading them – which keeps me up till all hours of the night.  Not good.  For instance I just spent an hour reading an art book about Alex Ross instead of writing this entry and emailing.  If I had been good I could be getting ready for bed right now.  But no, I had to look at the library.

Well, I've rambled on about nothing for quite long enough.  When properly motivated, I will write about the stupidity of making bad choices or something.  Cause I'm opinionated like that.



One Response to “11:20 PM. Not sleepy.”

  1. mickelle Says:

    Hey, how much is too much to pay for piano tuning? We were told ours needs to be tuned 3 times and figured that could add up to quite a bit.

    And how do we know we’re hiring (?) a qualified person?


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