Two things

May 10, 2006

Two Cheezy ThingsWelp,

I've just done two things I haven't done either a.) in a long time, or b.) ever.

Before I tell you these two things, I want you to know the reason these two cheesers on the left are so excited is because they found my engagement pictures online by clicking on the word "company" below.

a.) Played a computer game.  This game really doesn't quite count, though, because it was settlers of catan (which is a board game) in java form.  And it was against computerized intelligences which defeated me handily in short amounts of time.  Curse them.  And it wasn't even the expansion. 

I felt weird about it (and felt it write-worthy) because I haven't played a computer game in over 2 years.  I don't really miss them.  And I'm starting to see a time-sucking aspect that I just can't afford in my life at this point.  I gots stuffs to do.

b.) Watched Napoleon Dynamite.  This is the movie that all the new missionaries about 1 year ago couldn't stop talking about.  I laughed, but more because of the company than because of the movie.   My roommate makes a great Llama impression.  

I intend to write a few reviews of movies sometime soon, but not of this one. 

In other news…  I'm tired.



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