April 27, 2006

Morning – Breakfast with Kaye at, where else, McDonalds.  Yum.

Afternoon – fix  …. um.. sorta.  More like make it fixable.  Then,

Read scriptures – hoping for direction on life choices. Then,

Lunch at Brunos with Liz.   Yum times 3.  Also conversation was good.

5 PM, Kayeleen and I were on our way to St. George.   We went to the temple, which was great.  We were both hoping for inspiration about a certain choice we've got to make – Her going to Grad School, or me going to SUU. 

It looks like the answer is Grad school right now.  And that means moving to Kansas if true.  Which it looks like it is.  Now how to do it… I don't know.

After the session, we reserved a room and a date and a time for the wedding.  (July 7, 9:20 AM)  This was fun and made us feel giddy and romantic and stuff.

Then a walk in the fading light to our favorite spot on the grounds – the rose garden.  The roses had bloomed in the week since we'd last been there.

Of course I proposed officially there. 

She was shocked and suprized.  She didn't know I had the ring already.  (things had moved pretty fast so it wouldn't have been suprising if I hadn't had time to get one.)  She couldn't talk for a minute, but she managed a "Yes!" after a few seconds.   Then I put the ring on her finger.  

The next couple people we saw got treated with "I just got proposed to!" from Kaye.  And she happily brandished her new ring at them.  We were both feeling pretty great.

Dinner at Outback.  Yum times 5.7.  Then a nice drive back home with nice conversation and nice silences and nice things that are nice.

It just seems a lot better with a ring on her finger now.

And I am surprised life is as good as it is.


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